Choosing the right selling agent is pivotal, especially on your initial attempt.  Empowering yourself with the right questions ensures an informed decision, paving the path for a successful outcome! To ensure you partner with an industry-accredited, fully licensed, and seasoned selling agent, consider these key questions:

Interviewing The Selling Agent

  1. Professional Background and Expertise:
  • How long have you been buying, selling or investing in real estate on the Sunshine Coast?
  • What is your professional background and expertise?
  • Do you have your own residential or commercial property portfolio, local or interstate?
  • Are you fully licensed and accredited and to which industry asscociations?
  1. Client Experience:
  • What types of clients and price ranges do you typically work with?
  • Can you provide references or connect me with your past clients?
  • How many active clients are you currently assisting?
  1. Compatibility and Trust:
  • Do you listen to my concerns and show genuine interest in my future goals?
  • Can I trust you to prioritise my interest exclusively?
  • Does your communication style align with mine and how?
  • Will I be working directly with you or someone else in your office?
  1. Strategic Plan and Service Levels:
  • What is your plan for assisting me throughout the selling process?
  • How well-connected are you with other professionals and service providers?
  • Will you personally handle and or be in attendance for all aspects of the sale such as property inspections, negotiations, contract preparation or overseeing, building and pest appointments, pre-settlement inspection, settlement/handover day, etc?
  1. Personal Fit and Rapport:
  • How do you make me feel when interacting with you?
  • Can I rely on you to understand my goals and aspirations in regard to my sale?
  • Do you offer valuable suggestions for enhancing the property’s value before hits the market?
  • Do you exclusively work full-time and weekends as my selling agent?


    The Best Selling Agent For You

    When it comes to finding the best selling agent for you, passion and dedication for people first, then real estate, make all the difference.  Look for someone who not only possesses the necessary and ideal qualifications, going over and above beyond licensing with REIQ, REIA, PIPA, ..,etc but also and genuinely cares about your success to move forward.  Building a genuine, personal connection of empathy and transparency is key to a successful partnership with you.  

    Ready To Go? Let’s Get Started …

    Part 1: Lesley Bourke Sets You For Success

    1. Outlining Your Future You:

    > Define reasons for selling.
    > Determine desired timeline and relocation plans.
    > Identify aspects of the sale that are most important to you.

    2. Understanding the Current Market Landscape:
    > Analyse macro vs. micro market dynamics.
    > Assess supply & demand trends.
    > Conduct analysis of active, pending, and sold properties.
    > Consider personal timing and seasonal factors.
    > Develop strategic planning for your property.

    3. Highlighting Key Features and Benefits:
    > Identify unique selling points compared to competitor listings on the market


    Part 2: Leading The Way: Listing Preparations

    Finalising Documents:
    > Complete Form 6, Sellers Disclosure Statement, and Contract.

    Addressing Property Improvements:
    > Coordinate repairs and improvements.
    > Liaise with staging and styling consultants.

    Arranging Services:
    > Arrange professional photography and media services.
    > Schedule meetings with trusted affiliates.

    Establishing Property Launch:
    > Determine property launch timeframe.

    Developing Marketing Strategy & Digital Dominance:
    > Create property launch collateral.
    > Implement traditional and digital advertising.
    > Craft a strategic social media campaign.
    > Leverage database and collaborators’ fanbase.
    > Formulate a strategic inspection and open house plan.
    > Explore cross-marketing opportunities.
    > Implement international buyer strategies.


    Ready To Make Your Next Move With Confidence?

    Get In Touch With Lesley Bourke Real Estate For Expert Guidance In Selling Your Property On The Sunshine Coast!