Selling your home ..

Anyone can sell a house.  It might sound strange coming from a real estate agency, but it's true. An agent can suggest the highest price and the lowest fee, then cross their fingers.

At Lesley Bourke Real Estate, we don't believe that our job is to just sell your property.  Like we said, that's relatively simple. We see our role as delivering a premium price that would otherwise be unobtainable. We want our service to be so superlative, it justifies a lifelong relationship with you.

The Lesley Bourke Sales System starts with our five key philosophies:

  • Our role is not just to sell your property, it is to deliver a premium price.
  • The best price happens in the first 30 days on market. We put everything into that. Our average days on market is 12 selling within 1% of or above the marketed price.
  • There's three key elements to it: enquiry, engagement, and competition.
  • Know where your buyers come from.
  • Let us sweat the details.

Selling your home FAQs

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