Buyer Tip > Do Your Research On The Area You Wish to Buy A Home In


… it’s one of the most important tips for buying a property and could easily be your most costly with an unnecessary monetary or lifestyle impact if not done correctly and diligently.

We identify very early any risks which may make or break a deal, hence saving my client time and money pending the purpose of use of my buyer’s brief.

Due Diligence ?


A thorough Buyer’s Agent doesn’t just conduct due diligence on the property you are buying. Conducting analysis and research on the greater region,  other streets, and nearby properties is key.


We identify flood-prone pockets; land contours; bushfire zoning; pending and approved developments zonings, approved/pending developer approvals nearby, aviation routes and it’s impact just to name a small few, all other micro & macro factors in the area which may or not impact your purchase. Knowing is paramount.




The ‘must nots’ are critical to ascertain in the initial buyer brief for their perfect home or investment before we even start house hunting for our client.


  • Rising damp
  • Close to main roads
  • MDR Zone when buying your dream home in this zoning may not suit
  • Easements
  • Overlays & Covenants

Finding a new home does not have to be difficult, or time-consuming, or you need to know everything.


We can help you!


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? We provide more opportunities to buy pre & off market
? The right suburb to meet budget, lifestyle, and future capital growth
? Negotiation & contractual expertise
? Save time by doing all the groundwork and due diligence
?? Local and interstate buyer opportunities network


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