What Value And Price Do You Place On Experience & Connections?


It’s paramount you have the right team, on your side ?


Before you invest or make a move in real estate, whether buying or selling, invest in the right team, get the right advice, and receive the right information, to create the right result that further goes beyond your expectations in the purchase of your dream home or builds your wealth and/or property portfolio.


Invest in knowledge by working smarter, not harder in engaging a specialist Buyer’s Agent or Property Advocate that will save you time, and money and bring peace of mind in your next real estate transaction.


Are you stuck, stumped, or stressed about house hunting tomorrow, another weekend of traipsing through open homes? ??


Let’s chat and have a coffee!


We are seeing some fantastic opportunities in the market right now, we have local and interstate off-market, pre-market, and private inspections strategically booked all weekend for our clients!


At Lesley Bourke Real Estate we are inspecting and purchase properties every day exclusively for our clients, the Buyer.


We know how and where to identify opportunities and potential value add properties via our collaborative professional networks and industry expertise.


With over 29 years of personal buying, selling, building, and renovating experience we intimately understand the marketplace and negotiation.


… Or Are you considering a move to the Sunshine Coast This Year? ✈️☀️⛱️??


We understand all aspects of that decision, we made the move once too, like many others, and further invested in the region!


We moved for the lifestyle, and beaches, love the people, the weather is amazing, and the key developments, growth indicators, and committed projects are already well under construction across the Sunshine Coast!


If you’re ready to buy a new home but feeling overwhelmed or confused about where to start or how much to pay?


Feel free to reach out to Lesley Bourke for a complimentary strategy session to discover the difference in how we can assist you with a stress-free and seamless purchase of your next property on your journey.


If you would like the opportunity to connect and chat call Lesley Bourke ? 0437391424


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