Buyers Seeking Clarification Of The Difference Between An Independent Buyer’s Agent and A Buyer’s Agent Working In The Sales Agency Office?


Buyers often call us and are a little confused and seeking clarification of when real estate offices market or make mention of agents in said office that work with the buyers only, and ask us what is the difference and benefits between our services as an Independent Buyer’s Agent to a ‘Buyer’s Agent/Liaison/Manager/Associate’ working for the ‘selling agents team.’


The crystal clear difference to ask yourself is, who is the agent being paid by and exclusively engaged to work for to achieve the best result?

To simplify this for you, selling agents and their associates exclusively work for and are paid a commission or fixed fee by the Seller to obtain the highest possible price for their home and their role is to work with the buyers they meet to buy any homes for sale within their office. Just like most sellers rightfully engage the professional services of an agent to sell their home, buyers should also professionally engage their own property expert to ensure they buy the right property, for the right price, regardless of which agency that may be, without potential bias or influence from the selling agent.


Buyers Must Know The Common Goal Is …


‘Selling Agents’ and ‘Buyers Agents’ ultimately work together and in alignment for a common goal to achieve the best results and outcomes exclusively for their own clients. Strong collaborative relationships with industry professionals and selling agents that we respectfully have are key to successful outcomes.

Anyone can buy a house, yes of course, but NOT everyone can negotiate the BEST price and terms!


Then moving on to the fun stuff, what you actually pay your professional property expert for!  Negotiation expertise is GOLD and fine-tuned over many years, 15 years of real estate selling expertise to be exact, and an exceptional skill now honed as a property buyer’s agent also. We need to be at the top of our game every day to achieve the best possible outcome for our Client, the buyer.


I take much pride in my many years as a successful multiple award-winning selling agent. A change of lifestyle and dynamics resulted in a greater passion emerging for what I could see was assurance for Buyers to make smarter, knowledgeable, informed, expert-guided purchases for the right property at the right price, sooner.


I know that my selling experience brings a unique edge to the buyers that I exclusively represent and ensures they are set for success when buying their home and I am on their side and have their backs.


We Make It Simple & Consistent ?


Buying a home or investment property shouldn’t be hard, we do it every day, have for years, we know the ins and outs, we know the area, and we know real estate!


We Have You Set For Success ?


We understand perfectly the decision to align with and engage the professional services of the right Buyer’s Agent. It’s based on the vibe, trust, confidence, and expertise which are all paramount in your decision-making.


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So, If You’re Seeking An Experty Property Negotiator …


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