Every home sale begins with understanding why you want to move, and what does the next future YOU look like?

Understanding Your ‘Why’ Before Listing Your Property
Every home sale begins with understanding why you want to move, what does the next future YOU look like? Are you looking to upgrade to a larger space, downsize, or is a change in lifestyle or relocation prompting your move? Knowing your reasons is crucial as it helps us tailor our approach and advice, ensuring that the strategy we develop aligns perfectly with your objectives. This initial step is about more than just selling—it’s about setting you up for success in your next phase of life.

Financial Preparedness: The Key to a Smooth Transition
One of the most critical aspects of selling your home is ensuring financial readiness. It’s vital to understand the current market value of your property, your equity status, and the financial implications of any existing mortgage obligations particularly if requiring finance for the next home or simply doing a substitution. I recommend consulting with a financial advisor and/or mortgage broker early in the process. This step ensures that you are financially sorted and ready to make a seamless transition to your next home, whether you’re buying immediately after selling or waiting for the perfect opportunity.

To Buy or Sell First? A Strategic Decision
Deciding whether to buy your next home before selling your current one is a significant decision. This choice comes with its pros and cons. Buying first might mean owning two properties simultaneously, requiring financial agility, possibly through bridging loans. On the other hand, selling first might release valuable capital but require temporary housing solutions. I guide my clients through these choices, considering market conditions, financial stability, and personal circumstances to recommend the best strategy.

Market Timing: When to Make Your Move
Timing the market is another crucial consideration. Understanding whether to sell now or wait can significantly impact the financial outcome and overall stress of your property sale. We’ll analyse current market trends, discuss how different seasons affect the market, and determine the optimal time to list your property to maximise returns and meet your moving timeline.

To Wrap It Up
Selling your home is a journey that goes beyond simple transactions. It’s about making well-informed, strategic decisions that pave the way to your next chapter. At Lesley Bourke Real Estate, we are committed to partnering with you through this journey, offering expert advice and bespoke services.

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