Inexperienced Buyers Can Often Make The Mistake Of Believing Price Alone Will Make Or Break The Deal …

A lot of activity right now is happening off the market, with sellers seeking certainty and assurance in what’s been a rapidly changing marketplace in the past 2 years.  Sellers are being cautious, yet buyers are taking their time with more opportunities to choose from!


65% – 75% Of The Deals We Seal …


Off-market opportunities are information that a buyer alone would never have access to, and is 65%-75% of the deals we seal.


It’s situations and opportunities like these that often inexperienced buyers may make the mistake that price alone will make or break such deals or can get too hung up on minor maintenance items, complain about property in front of the owner or selling agent, with the home they are looking to buy.   Circumstances are often varied, but most often than not we reach the right terms and flexible attitude from the buyer that suits this type of Seller.


The Real Value


… of a Buyers Agent is shown in controlling the buyer’s emotions, not clouding their judgment, detailed inspections focussed on all the right things, and maintenance items to be aware of, and ultimately the power in the negotiation process, contractual matters, and terms to benefit and protect the buyer.


Leveling The Playing Field


Buyers need someone to turn to, to level the playing ground so to speak, I guess buyers should just think about …


‘Would you ever represent yourself in a situation then there’s an opposing party with representation?’


As the opposing party is an expert selling agent exclusively representing the Seller to get the most amount of money and best-suited terms for them ONLY.

‘Risk Only Comes From Not Knowing What You’re Doing!’


 Invest in knowledge by working smarter, not harder in engaging a specialist Buyer’s Agent that will save you time, and money and bring you peace of mind in buying your next property, we do this every day, ALL DAY, and YES WE LOVE IT!


We Mitigate Your Risks


 … and are the expert negotiator on your side working exclusively for your best interests only, to buy the right property, for the right price.


Don’t delay and discover the difference and schedule a free call to discovery call if we can offer you a solution and be of value to you in how our services bring solutions for you, the buyer, in securing the right property, at the right price then call Lesley Bourke today ? 0437391424