There Are Many Savvy Buyers Seeking Investment Properties In The Marketplace Right Now!

? How will you assess and know what purchases are actually good purchases?

? How will you know what to avoid and how not to overpay regardless of whether owner occupier or investment?

Some initial insights you need to be educated about and understand the importance of when analyzing and researching an investment property (or OOC) to purchase to suit your long-term goals:

1. Awareness of infrastructure spending, and pending/approved development projects.
2. Stong & diverse local economy creating good job prospects.
3. Growth statistics of the region.
4. Historical growth % over the past years.
5. Rental yield & vacancy rates of the area.
6. Land value vs Median prices.
7. Renter to Owner Occupier ratios.
8. Age, condition, aspect, and location of the property.
9. Proximity to local transport links, schools & amenities.
10. Opportunity to add value and price uplift specific to the property.

It’s so important to slowly build the right team around you, to work alongside as real estate investing is a business, and it requires a business mindset. The right experts you seek and attract will have and be continuing to grow wealth via their own property portfolios over many years and through various property cycles, also, with unbiased strategies and processes that will significantly matter to you ?

This is what we do daily and on the ground seeking good, solid investment opportunities in alignment with your accountant/financial planner that meet your buyer brief to ultimately build and have a growing property portfolio over the years to come.


Where To Buy Now?  ??


We get asked this every day, particularly by investors. It’s very simple, the best place to buy is the best place that fits your selected criteria!

  1. Property type and budget
  2. Your objectives, your end game
  3. Risk profile appetite
  4. Strategies and structure
  5. Yields and costs if investment
  6. Income levels
  7. Value-add opportunities
  8. Development potential

Invest in knowledge by working smarter, not harder in engaging a specialist Buyer’s Agent that will save you time, and money and bring you peace of mind in buying your next property.

Why Home Buyers Choose Lesley ?

Ask about our boutique full-service package that will give you some insight and clarity into our services and process of delivering premium service with exceptional results.

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Are You Experiencing The Buyer Exhaustion …

1. Been searching for a home to buy for months to no avail
2. You have recently sold and need to buy in the same settlement timeframe and/or market conditions
3. Tired of weekends traipsing through open homes
4. Desire an expert to source the right homes and negotiate the right price for you
5. Need professional due diligence assistance as have no idea where to start
6. Want to access pre and off-market properties for sale

We understand partnering with an industry professional you like, whom you can trust to deliver the best result you are seeking is paramount in your decision and selection of the right Buyer’s Agent.

Our aim for our clients is to carry the load and remove any uncertainty by providing expert guidance and a stress-free, seamless experience from sourcing > to sale > to settlement for our buyers.

If you’re seeking to buy a property and mitigate your risks with transparency, a forward-thinking attitude of expertise, and local industry knowledge, connect with Lesley today ? 0437391424