Do You Wonder What It May Cost To You

                                                     … TO NOT Have An Expert Buyer’s Agent | Property Negotiator?


If you want to know how 15 years of previous residential sales experience by a multiple REIV award-winning industry agent can bring you the edge in market analysis, and negotiations, find value, and offer outside-the-box solutions in purchasing your next property then let us share one of our latest property acquisitions for you for our interstate buyer.  There is no sea of sameness here.


“Our Value And Measurable Success To Our Buyer Is In The Numbers … “


One of our latest property acquisitions for our owner-occupier buyer was planned & executed perfectly:


? 332 Sales Agents identified in our target buyer area
? 144 emails & 96 phone calls to our greater affiliate network
? 27% reduction in homes available to buy in this area in the last 12 months
? 11 Off & Pre market homes exclusively presented to us
? 17 Inspections, 2 negotiations on 2 shortlisted properties
? Engagement to Contract exchange in 13 days, unconditional in 18 days
? 2 very elated clients with instant equity >50K+ achieved on the buy and add value prospects of $150K


We have an unbiased view of any sales agency or their stock availability, they can only offer you their listings available, they work for the seller. We work for you, the buyer. We leverage our skillset, discover and give more options, of ALL PROPERTIES from ALL AGENCIES for our buyers to consider, that make sense and help you make the right choice.


We mitigate your risks and are the expert negotiator on your side working exclusively for your best interests only, to buy the right property, for the right price.


4 Key Components of Property Investing …


1. Having a clear strategy and detailed buyer brief from the get-go is paramount alongside the right team of professionals.


2. Liaising with your accountant to ensure the correct structure | entity is set up and ready to be purchased within and finance available for.


3. You always work backward aiming for the right outcome to ensure we meet yields, growth, maximize potential, etc.

4. There is always an exit plan and knowing when, how, and why this will occur brings stability and surety that the correct plan and purchase occurs.


We understand partnering with an industry professional you like, whom you can trust to deliver the best result you are seeking is paramount in your decision and selection of the right Buyer’s Agent.


So, stop wondering what it may cost you to NOT use our Buyers Advocacy service if you’re looking for 100% loyalty, 100% of the time.