Buyer Management & True Focus To The Purpose Of The Property For Our Buyer …


Buyer Management to our initial buyer brief including the wants and needs of the client is absolutely paramount in our duty and determination to exceed for our buyers.

On occasion after daily discussions or meets with agents, research, comparative market analysis, inspections, and due diligence, then reach negotiation where at some point it can come to a halt as we have reached the point of choosing to not go any further purely and mainly based on the value we do not see at that price level.

Research And Real-Time Knowledge


Based on our research, real-time knowledge of sale prices, and the purpose of the property for our client, whether investor or owner occupier it’s come to the stage and chat of ‘to know the walk away price’, it’s here now, we already determined at the start, where that price will be. Often too we can tell if the client is settling for the property, we have that discussion also, to ensure no regrets!

Recently this occurred to one of our buyers, though it may seem disheartening at the time I assure the client ‘every day is a new opportunity, every day there is a new deal, we only need one, the right one’. Confidence and trust in this process are everything.

Buyer Education Is Paramount


When our buyers are educated in this process and gain this in-depth knowledge of actual relevant real-time, house sale prices in that week, that month, as we are on the ground doing deals DAILY, we have far greater power in negotiations and ensure our clients greatly reduce the risk of securing the wrong home or even worse overpaying.

Yes, We Walked Away From A Deal!


We walked away from a deal recently for just $9,000, yes the sales agent was shocked also, but it was right for my client.  A little patience and trust in the process were all we requested of our client and just 4 days later the BEST PRE-MARKET DEAL arrived via hustle and hard work to source exactly and so much more than what my client wanted and well under their budget.  Stay tuned, this one is a beauty, you’ll be hearing about it  ?

The Key Is Flexibility When Buying Your Home ?


As we ascertain your detailed Client Brief together it’s important we know your ‘must-haves, must not, and would love’.  Keep in mind no home is ever perfect and a little flexibility on these three often leads to better opportunities.

We are strict and adhere to the ‘deal breaker’ items which there is no waiver on to ensure there are no regrets on your end down the track and that’s where I help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Teaming up with an experienced Buyer’s Agent we work together and build on your confidence to make the right decisions, in buying the right property, for the right price. ?


Our Expertise Is Property Negotiation, Let Us Show You!


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